Life at Marcellin College

Marcellin College is a Champagnat Marist Catholic School for Year 7-13 students. This means at all times we follow the gospel values as taught by Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church. The four whānau groups, or houses, are named after significant people in Catholic Church history, Venerable Suzanne Aubert, St Benedict, St Mary Mackillop and Bishop Pompallier.

Catholic Character at Marcellin College

Mission Statement

Marcellin College is a Marist

Catholic co-educational community

living the values of Jesus Christ

and inspired by the spirit and

values of Marcellin Champagnat.

The College is dedicated to the

achieving of excellence in all

that it undertakes.

School Crest


The school days are Monday – Friday from 8.35am to 3.15pm.There is a 20 minute morning interval at 10.50am to 11.10am and  another break at lunchtime at 1.10pm to 1.50pm each day.

The day is structured into 5 periods (or lessons) per day. But most students participate in cocurricular activities like music, arts or sports either before or after school. There may be sports games or special music performances held during the weekend.

Kaitiaki Time

Kaitiaki teachers are the guardians of their group of students. This means that they are overseeing each student’s well-being, including their academic progress.  Kaitiaki time includes whole school assemblies, middle/senior school assemblies, chapel time, reading engagement and academic mentoring. Any singing practices or whānau activities will occur during Kaitiaki time.

The five pillars of Champagnat Marist education are:

Family Spirit – the kaitiaki group is the outworking of the “family Spirit” at Marcellin College. The Kaitiaki group is a small Marcellin family within the wider Marcellin family of the College in which we understand that we are part of the Christian family, one family in Jesus Christ.

Simplicity – being honest and sharing our true selves with our Marcellin family, being humble but using our gifts and talents for the good of the community.

Love of work – enjoying our work of helping everyone to know that God is near, finding pleasure in success that follows real effort, always trying hard and doing our best, having a love of learning and developing the qualities, skills and talents that God has given us.

In the way of Mary – being both strong in our principles and values but gentle in our care for all, as Mary, God’s mother, was, having the courage to say ‘yes’ to God’s call in our lives even when it challenges us to go beyond our comfort zones, following Jesus’ example of love and respect for all people.

Presence – being available to others, giving of our time to support individuals or activities which build up the community without expecting anything in return, being active listeners, people of empathy, being committed and people of our word.

Kaitiaki group is held after lunch.  Whole school assembly is on a Tuesday with senior school and Middle school assemblies being on separate weeks on a Friday.

The main jobs at Kaitiaki time are to build positive relationships, encourage a reading culture, conduct mentoring, and attend assemblies.

Prayers, or Karakia, are part of daily life at Marcellin College.


Depending on the length of your son or daughter’s attendance at Marcellin College, you will receive one or more reports on his or her progress during their period of study.


We offer an engaging curriculum for all of our students and international students will be provided with a programme which combines a range of experiences and engaging ‘Kiwi’ activities with participation in our usual curriculum with the support of their buddies and the staff.