Enrolment Process


For enrolment forms please use our request our prospectus forum or email

Printed copies also available for collection from our office

Marcellin College does not have a zone

Enrolment Process

To complete the enrolment process, the school requires the following documents which should accompany all enrolment applications:

  • If born in NZ: A NZ Passport or Birth certificate
  • If born overseas: Passport with appropriate stamp or visa documents or residency permit
  • Attendance Dues Signed
  • Signed and completed Preference form by a Parish Priest
  • Baptism and Confirmation certificates if applicable
  • Immunisation Record
  • Students last school report

All Preference enrolments are required to provide a completed Preference Form signed by a Parish Priest along with the enrolment forms. For more Information for Parents Seeking Preference Enrolment Your application will not be processed unless all information is supplied

Once the application is submitted with all required documentation, parents/caregivers will be sent a letter with the outcome.

We will not be holding interviews, however if you require a meeting with the Principal regarding your application please contact our enrolment officer.


For all further queries please contact our enrolment officer on the details below

Peyton Churchward

(09)6256509 ext 701


2021 Stationery List

2021 Stationery List – Year 7.pdf

2021 Stationery List – Year 8.pdf

2021 Stationery List – Year 9.pdf

2021 Stationery List – Year 10.pdf

2021 Stationery List – Year 11.pdf

2021 Stationery List – Year 12.pdf

2021 Stationery List – Year 13.pdf


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