Marcellin College Newsletter – Tuesday 22 September 2020

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Seek the Best – Rapu I Te Pai.
Ki te huarahi o Maria – In the way of Mary

Message from the Principal

Kia Ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula, Kamonaso, Kia Orana, Ni Hao, Namestay, Ram-Ram, Salām, Sanibona, Olla, warm greetings to all.

In the final newsletter for this term I would like to take the opportunity to thank all parents, caregivers and whānau for your support keeping students learning and feeling well through the Covid-19 disruption and catch up period since we returned to school.

When we did return this term we set the students and staff a very ambitious target to catch up and pleased to say we are just about there. For middle school students, the mahi has gone in to ensure progress has been maintained. For senior students, for courses with externals, all internals have been completed and mock exams have been sat. This is a huge achievement for students and I am very grateful to our dedicated and hardworking staff who have put in many, many extra hours over the last four weeks to enable this to happen.

We are holding a Progress evening for all Year 7 -13 students and families on 21st October from 3:30pm-6:30pm to give you an opportunity to come into school to discuss your child(ren)’s progress and next steps. A reminder school will finish early at 1.10pm. More details of this event will be sent early next term.

I will finish with a whakatauki that represents our school this term. Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei, meaning aim high or for what is truly valuable, but also it is a message to be persistent and don’t let obstacles stop you from reaching your goals. This term, our students and staff have really lived up to this value, the Marist value of love of work. We have not let Covid-19 stop us. With Mary our Good Mother as a guide, we continue to be successful and continue to work towards our loving God. Have a restful break Marcellin whānau.


Ngā manaakitanga,

Dean Wearmouth


Important Dates 

  • Friday 25 September                                           Year 13 BIO Zoo Trip
  • Friday 25 September                                           Term 3 Ends

Term 4

  • Monday 12 October                                             Term 4 Begins
  • Tuesday 13 October                                             Sports Prizegiving
  • Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 October                       Year 10 Exams
  • Saturday 17 October                                            School Ball
  • Monday 19 October                                             Year 10 Culture Vulture trip
  • Wednesday 21 October                                        Progress/Open Evening
  • Monday 26 October                                              Labour day
  • Wednesday 28 October                                        Kiwi Kapers Music trip
  • Friday 30 October                                                Tech Art Show
  • Tuesday 3 November                                           Thanksgiving Mass
  • Thursday 5 November                                          Prizegiving
  • Friday 6 November                                               Year 13 Leavers Dinner
  • Monday 9 November to Wednesday 9 December     NCEA Exams
  • Monday 16 to Friday 20 November                         Year 9 Camp
  • Thursday 19 November                                         Teacher Only Day
  • Monday 30 November to Wednesday 2 December    Prefect Camp 
  • Thursday 3 December                                           Big Day Out Boys
  • Friday 4 December                                                Big Day Out Girls
  • Monday 7 December                                             Big Day In
  • Tuesday 8 December                                            Year 7-10 Prizegiving
  • Tuesday 8 December                                            School Ends for 2020

2021 Start Dates

  • Wednesday 3 February                                  Year 7 & 9 First Day Back
  • Friday 5 February                                          Pōwhiri Welcoming all students


Return Date for School Devices (Laptops/Chromebooks) On Loan

A friendly reminder to all students who were loaned a device (Laptop/Chromebook) from the Ministry of Education or Marcellin College that these are to be returned to Student Services on Wednesday, 21st October.  This will allow for important maintenance and upgrades ready for the new year.  If the device has been damaged or is not working, please return these as soon as possible, the cost for repairs will still be covered by the warranty.
There will be a supply of laptops in the library until the end of the year if students wish to borrow a device for the day.  If you have any questions, please email Ms Prescott

Photolife Information

Holiday Art Sessions

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers, I hope you have been coping in these difficult times and are safe and well. I will be running holiday art sessions for Seniors to assist them in preparation for the folio board External which is due on the 12th November. I will run 2 sessions, one in each week of the break. They will be on Friday 2nd Oct, and Friday 9th Oct. and  the sessions will run between 11:00 and 2pm. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Please let me know if your son or daughter has your permission to attend these sessions.

Ngā mihi
James Moore

After School Maths Tutoring

Mr Agraval is holding Maths tutoring for students every Wednesday and Thursday after school from 3.15pm to 4.30pm. 

Open & Progress Evening – 21st October, 3.30pm-6.30pm

All prospective ākonga/learners with their whānau/families are warmly invited to find out more about our ‘High Achieving Family” school.  Join us on a tour of the school and listen to our ākonga share their stories of success!
2021 Prospectuses and enrolment packs will be available.
This evening will also be an opportunity for Marcellin whānau to meet the teachers and listen to feedback on the progress of their ākonga.
A reminder that school will finish early on this day at 1.10 pm.

School Website and Facebook Page

For all our new families, please keep an eye out on our website: for news and information, you can also access our official Facebook page by clicking here Marcellin College Facebook Page. There is where we put up photographs of events happening at our school.

Download School App

To all parents/caregivers, please download the school app, see below for instructions. Via the school app, you can report absences, see the school calendar, receive newsletters and contact details for the school and our website.
Here is a QR code and link to the app. 
To download the app please go to the App/Play store and search for KiwiSchools Connect. Once downloaded you can select Marcellin and choose Subscribe to all.
Alternatively, you can scan the QR code or click this  link


Reporting Student Absences

A friendly reminder student absences are to be done via the school app, website, email or calling the school office. Students can not explain absences for siblings or themselves. A written note is to be provided or a phone call on (09) 625 6509 (ext705) if you are wanting to report directly to our Attendance Officer Courtney Todd. 

Please do not reply to previous texts or emails sent from the school about any past correspondences,  with your child/ren absences. These messages does not go directly to the Attendance Officer.

For all future absences, follow the current school procedure’s of calling the office via the absence line or via the website (Report an absence).


Students are expected to be in full uniform at all times. This includes black leather shoes, white socks for girls and school socks for boys, the Marcellin jumper and the Marcellin jacket. Please ensure students uniform is labelled. Thank you for your support with this.

Breakfast Club and Lunches

A reminder that a free breakfast club for all students runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7.45am- 8.35am in the food tech room. There are also 15 lunches provided daily by Eat My Lunch, that can be obtained from our Nurse, just let her or the office know.

Events Coming Up

Sports Prizegiving

Our Annual Sports Prizegiving will be held in the school gymnasium on Tuesday 13th October at 2pm. A full prizegiving ceremony will only go ahead if the Alert Level drops to Level 1.

Annual School Ball

Our Annual School Ball was scheduled to take place on September 12th. We have now secured a new booking for October 17th but we need to wait to see what Alert Level we move to before confirming this. Please do not pay the balance of the ball ticket at this stage, we will send out more information closer to the time.

What’s Been Happening Around the School

Marcellin Spirit

The last three weeks have seen a huge increase in the numbers of whānau points being awarded to students, for exhibiting behaviours aligned to our Marist pillars – ngā mihi nui ki a koutou! We have also had a competition running for the two Kaitiaki classes with the most whānau points awarded between Week Four and Week Nine, results are as follows:
Senior Kaitiaki – M12 with 2845 points followed closely by A13 with 2507

Middle School Kaitiaki – A1 with 3805 points followed by A2 with 2677
Congratulations to M12 and A1 – your Kaitiaki will be enjoying a pizza lunch on Wednesday!

Special Character

We continue to celebrate the joy of being a faith community by finding ways to pray together while being mindful of the need for care for all.

We have continued to share in liturgies in Katiaki groups and these have included an important liturgy related to the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. The liturgy included a short clip which came from the Caritas website. Click on the link below to view it: 

Watch: CST 101 – Option for the Poor and Vulnerable 

It makes for excellent viewing and provides a brief but thought-provoking expression of why we are called to work for justice for all.


The final prayer included in the liturgy was also taken from the Caritas website and is a lovely prayer that you might like to share in family groups. It is here:


Lord God, you can give honour to the least, those forgotten, overlooked and misjudged. You came to give first place to the last, those left behind, misunderstood and undervalued. 

You came to give a warm welcome to the lost, those who are abandoned and have nothing. 

Help us to be your ears and listen to their cries. 

Help us to be your voice speaking out love and acceptance. 

Help us to be your feet walking beside those in need. 

Help us to be your hands to clothe, feed and shelter them. 

You came for the least, the lost and the last. Lord, in your mercy, let us be your body here on earth. 


Our Year 10 students have continued to express their desire to spend time together in God’s presence by gathering together to pray in the chapel at interval on Tuesday and Thursday each week. They are a living example of young Marist people inspired by Marcellin and Mary’s examples of prayerfulness.

We continue to pray for the students in the Sacramental Programme and hope that they will be able to receive the Sacraments of Initiation, for which they have prepared, in the near future.


The Remar groups from Year 10-13 continue to meet and consider a range of themes. The most recent topics have been:

  • Prayer in times of stress and difficulty for Years 12 and 13
  • Our values for Year 11
  • The goals of the first year in Remar for Year 10

It is great to observe the deep, honest sharing that occurs in these meetings, our students’ awareness that it is essential that they ensure there is time in their lives for prayer, time to pause and to just be with God and that the purpose of prayer is to strengthen our relationship with God.

The Year 10 students will be focusing on:

  • building community in their group through sharing their opinions, ideas and faith experiences honestly with one another and participating in games
  • strengthening their relationship with God through prayer, reading and discussing scripture, faith sharing
  • becoming other-centred through taking up the opportunities to serve others
  • recognising and using their gifts and talents for the benefit of all
  • Developing their confidence through opportunities to lead group activities and discussions 

The Remar team looks forward to observing this new group grown in faith and love for one another as a Remar family. 

Faith Communities at Home – the Heart and foundation of the church

While it is difficult to be without gatherings in our churches, the online masses continue to be available at and there are many other helpful resources on this site. It was lovely to see one of our chaplains, Father Robert O’Brien lead the online mass on Sunday 13 September.

In his writings in Familiaris Consortio (On the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World) in 1981 Pope John Paul II stated: 

‘The ministry of evangelization carried out by Christian parents is original and irreplaceable. It assumes the characteristics typical of family life itself, which should be interwoven with love, simplicity, practicality and daily witness.’


Particularly today, the Christian family has a special vocation to witness to the paschal covenant of Christ by constantly radiating the joy of love and the certainty of the hope for which it must give an account: “The Christian family loudly proclaims both the present virtues of the Kingdom of God and the hope of a blessed life to come.”’

Pope John Paul ll might easily have been writing about the pandemic of 2020. Of course, it is so real for us today when the family and the home is our place we gather as church. We know that in the homes of Marcellin families, young people are deepening their understanding of faith as they watch those who care for them pray, share their faith, participate in online masses and/or church services and gatherings and express their belief that God who loves us all is watching


We continue to be aware that there may be families in our community that have suffered because of Covid-19. We seek to stand in solidarity with all families in our Marcellin whānau and to do all that we possibly can to support you. Please get in touch with Joanie Roberson confidentially via the following email address: so that we can work together to support one another in these difficult times.

Uike Kātoanga’i ‘oe Lea Faka-Tonga – Tongan Language Week

The Tongan students planned wonderful celebrations for Tongan Language Week which we all thoroughly enjoyed. From the Kahoot! Competition on Monday through the inspiring and affecting virtual assembly, the Tongan dance classes, the volleyball competition to the highlight of the week, the celebration of faith, joy, love of culture and community in the liturgy.
Below are some photos of the week that was so much about Fakakoloa ‘o Aotearoa ‘aki ‘a e Lotu Mo’oni – Enriching Aotearoa New Zealand through faith and prayer.

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori – Māori Language Week

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori was also celebrated at Marcellin College with whakataukī and words of the day being used extensively in classes and Kaitiaki groups. Great to see Mr Weijermars’ carving being displayed at reception as well as offering an activity on Monday at lunchtime related to drawing Māori patterns onto a patu. It was also very kind of Mrs O’Neill to run an activity about cooking a fish hook design. It was unfortunate that this was also the same week as the practice examinations so there was less opportunity for the senior students to lead activities.

However, there are many beautiful whakataukī which reflect who we are at Marcellin:
One that reflects our striving for personal excellence and encouraging all of our staff and students to work towards this goal:

Another reflects our strong bonds of family spirit and working together for the good of all:

This one shows our call to live out the Catholic Social Teaching about our roles as stewards of God’s creation:



Cans for Christmas

We continue to collect canned foods as we are participating in the Cans for Christmas appeal this year. We will collect cans throughout the last week of this term so please support this excellent appeal and help us to give lots of canned goods to St Vincent de Paul to help families in need this year.




We continue to offer as many exciting co-curricular activities for our students to get involved in as possible at the moment. Some of these are:

The Think Kind Competition. Students can view the details here: The 2020 Think Kind Competition. This competition encourages students to be kind to animals, the environment and one another. Students can create any project of their choice such as an essay, a short film, a poster/mural, a scratch coding project, a speech or a dance, a school fundraiser, or a petition, etc., as long as the topic relates to being kind! 

For those students with a passion for Music the 21 Play It Strange Competition is the perfect way to get your talents out there in the community! Use this link’s resources  to start on a song Lion Foundation Songwriting Competition 2020

A new Science related competition in which students enter a 3-minute video that shows Antarctica from a new perspective. Entries close at 5pm on 2 October.

Tutoring in Mathematics is available with Mr Agraval every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:15pm until 4:30pm.

There are lots of other activities for students to continue to be involved in such as:

  • Remar
  • Young Vinnies
  • The Creative Writing Club
  • A range of sports and training activities
  • Prayer led by Year 10 students during interval on Tuesdays and Thursdays

We encourage all of our students to find an activity that enables them to feel connected to others, develop talents and interests which are already strengths, learn new skills and have fun!

Running Club

The crosscountry club got off to a running start earlier this term. The club is co-run by Mr. Bitchener and Mr. Haslam, and a great group of students from junior and senior years is currently involved. Most runs start from the back gate around Monte Cecilia Park, but we’re looking forward to runs further afield soon. We meet twice weekly – Wednesdays and Fridays after school in the gym. All students are welcome, even if you can only sign up on a casual basis.

Pillar Badges for September

Congratulations to the following students they received the ‘In the way of Mary’ pillar badge for the month of August.


A2: Joshua Paea

A3: Leane Diezmo 

A11: Paris Latu      

A12: Sanketh Gowda

A13:Teresa Ata


B3: Robert Sevele

B3: Zeus Greening

B11: Bonita Figota

B12: Lawson Tuiletufuga

B13: Andrew Tate


M1: Jacinda Taufao

M11: Aloeti Vanisi

M12: Siosifa ‘Ofa

M13: Mitimitifiali’i Tata


P1: Jadah-Lee Pusiaki

P2: Emmarald Tonga

P3: Uaealesi Timoteo

P11: Seilosa Masunu


Level 2 Sports Reminder

A reminder to all parents that under Alert Level 2 or higher there is to be NO spectators/parents/family members at any practices or matches. Please stay inside your vehicle and do not move the chain that is blocking access along the driveway to the bottom courts, it is there to keep our students safe.

Term 4 Junior Sports Registrations

Term 4 Junior Sports registrations have now closed, however if students have not been at school and would like to join a summer sport for term 4, they can speak with Mr Bitchener about joining in. Sports available are Touch, Tag, Volleyball, Rugby 7s, Waka Ama, Cricket and Softball.

Summer Sport Coaches Needed!

We are in need of summer sports coaches for all of the following sporting codes; Touch, Tag, Volleyball, Rugby 7s, Waka Ama, Cricket and Softball. Please email or call the Director of Sport Mr Bitchener if you are available to do some coaching next term. Email:, Phone: 625 6509 ext725

Confirm School Holiday Practices:

The following times are confirmed practices in the holidays for these Junior Teams. Other practices will be confirmed with their coaches this week.

Year 9 & 10 Boys Volleyball Practice’s Wednesday both weeks 10.00am – 11.30am

Year 9 & 10 Girls Volleyball Practice’s Wednesday both weeks 11.30am – 1.00pm

Social Volleyball for Boys and Girls – Thursday both weeks 11.00am – 1.00pm

Year 9 & 10 Basketball Boys Practice – Wednesday both weeks 1.00pm – 2.30pm

Year 11-13 Basketball Boys Practice – Tuesday Week 1 11.00am – 1.00pm, Thursday Week 2 1pm-3pm


Red Carpet Modelling

Red Carpet Modelling School offers modelling courses for kids to help them correct posture, build confidence, and also develop skills to have more options in future Modelling careers. 

The courses contain 3 options with different lengths of time: 10 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year. All the courses are aiming to:

  • Develop confidence and sense of self-respect
  • Instil healthy habits through proper walking technique and correct posture
  • Develop motivation, self-discipline and respect of others
  • Feel confident in their search for opportunities in the fashion, acting and modelling world
  • Learn about the self in a positive way
  • Potentially introduce a new stream of financial support to the family

And the most important: Have Fun!

We offer our courses to children from 5 years old to above, with no limitation.

Contact us to enrol! Email:, Ph:+64 22 184 3899

Grief Resolution Programme

ALONE AGAIN? Widowed, Separated or Divorced? The Beginning Experience is a non-profit organization with the motto a “Weekend Away for a Lifetime of Change” for adults. The retreat  will help you work through your painful loss. The participants find new hope, increased emotional health and renewed energy. Date Friday evening to Sunday afternoon 6 – 8 November. Cost $350 or early bird price of $325 if paid by 25 Sept.  Includes accommodation, meals and materials. Contact Kelly 027-686-4416 or Bev (09)298-9943 & 027-248-1631


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