Social Justice Committee Spotlight

The Social Justice committee is a great committee to be involved with. Our committee members are; Kim, Novie, Crystal, Nathan, Jairon and Andrei, and were all chosen to be a part of this great team!  We are trying to spend our time giving back to the community by raising funds for organisations and spreading awareness of issues in order to help the effort towards social equality and a fairer society for all.

We’re currently working with the Marcellin Spirit committee on Marcellin College’s anti-bullying week (14-18 May) to run a pink themed bake sale, the funds for this will go towards Youthline, an organisation that helps many of our youth in the community who are experiencing bullying.

We’re hoping to do many of these fundraising type activities and raise lots more awareness of the less fortunate, like we did with our gold coin trail in term one.  We have also introduced for the first year at Marcellin College the Young Vinnies group.  Young Vinnies is a group aimed at helping the less fortunate as Jesus Christ taught us to in the Gospel.  We aim to do this by doing things like giving them food, our time and other resources that will help these people live better lives.

Committee leader profiles:

William Austin – the nerdy part of the committee.  He constantly boasts about how he somehow got first in Year 11 and is the best cuber at Marcellin College.  William does the fundraising stuff because he loves the organising part of it and the money we earn for worthy causes.  Watch out for his brain power.

 Jaimee Maoe - the part that makes sure that the nerdy part of the committee doesn’t get too nerdy.  She constantly comes in committee meetings with a great vibe for all the committee members to feed off of.  Jaimee is in charge of Young Vinnies, our new project for the year which will be also a most welcomed venture for Marcellin College.

Written by William Austin, Social Justice Prefect.

Social Justice Committee's Coin Trail for Tonga and Samoa