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At Marcellin College we encourage all students to get active, be competitive and have fun.

Sport at Marcellin College can be participated in at a social or competitive level. We offer a wide range of Sports to cater to all students. This year at Marcellin we are offering.


The Technology Department consists of five subject areas:  Design & Visual Communication, Food & Nutrition/Home Economics, Textiles, Building & Construction Technology and Digital Technology. These creative and practical subjects encourage students to think imaginatively and push the boundaries of design.

Courses are available from Years 9-12 with some courses running at Years 7, 8 and 13.

Our People


Ms Jan Waelen


Mrs Susan Robertson

 Director of Curriculum

Mr Jarrod Seaton

 Director of Pastoral Care

Mr Anthony Weijermars

Policies for Consultation

Please email if you have any comment/s to make on the attached policies by 7th August 2017.  International Student policies comments by 7th September.